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Typical Gastronomy

The gastronomy of Calasparra is based on products of excellent quality and with their own special flavour. The vega (lowlands or meadows) bathed by the river Segura, gives harvests, thanks to the climate and the altitude, outside the normal seasons.

The star product is Calasparra Rice, a unique cereal with the  Denominación de Origen. It forms the base of many dishes within the Calasparra cuisine such as rice with chicken, rice with vegetables, rice with rabbit and snails and rice with haricot beans.

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Ecological agriculture offers fruit and vegtables such as apricots,peaches,broad beans, tomatoes, haricot beans and artichokes.
Other local products with the Denominación de Origen, are olive oil, cold meats and salami, ham, biscuits and cakes.

This gastronomical variety means, depending on the time of year, we can enjoy typical dishes such as:

  • Las Fritillas (type of doughnut) of the Carnival,
  • El Caldo de pelotas con bacalao (soup with salt cod) eaten at Easter,
  • La Caldera de Toro, (Oxtail) during the September Fiestas,
  • El Caldo de espárragos (asparagus soup) in the summer,
  • Las Migas (fried bread crumbs or flour with meat or fish) and Jarullo (salt cod with sweet paprika) in the winter,
  • Las Toñas, Almendrados, Pan de higo (Christmas biscuits and cakes)

Calasparra is also famous for its variety of tapas. If you visit us you musn´t miss the traditional bar crawl (“Salir de cañas”) to try our exquisite and tasty tapas at any of the bars or restaurants in the town.

One of the most important gastronomic events in Calasparra is the annual:  “LA RUTA DE LA TAPA: DE CAÑAS POR CALASPARRA”,  when bars and restaurants offer two different tapas over five weekends during October and November for 2€ each with a small beer. The client is given a “Passport” which gives all the information about the participating bars as well as giving you  a chance to vote for your favourite tapa and take part in a Grand Draw.

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