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Easter Week

The Easter processions, according to historic documentation, started in the second half of the XV century kicking off a tradition that continues today and attracts thousands of visitors every year.


The Superior Council of Canons of Easter Week together with the religious brotherhoods (cofradías), the Parish Church and the Town Hall, coordinate all the processions, as well as organising all the events and their promotion such as : the poster competititon, the drawing competition, the schools essay competition;  the nomination of the person to make the opening speech; publish the annual edition of the magazine; decide who will receve the annual homage etc...

Easter Week starts on Good Friday with the procession of the Stations of the Cross and finishes on Easter Sunday. During the week there are processions through the streets of the town organised by the various religious brotherhoods each of which has its traditional “steps” and penances and includes; the cornet and drum bands; the  buglers;  the Tercio de Picas (Taurean picadores with spears and flags); heavily decorated horses; the Association Band of Music of Calasparra, and a grand etc…Highlighted are the value and quality of the figures of the Saints, such as the model of Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno which dates back to the  XVII cenury and although the artista is unknown it is attributed to the school of Salzillo or of the Holy Sepulchre (and is known as the Señor de la Cama).

If you are visiting us don´t miss these:

  • The transfer of the figure of  Ecce-Homo in a pìlgrimage from the hermitage; Palm Sunday; and the meeting with the figure of the Virgin Mother “La Dolorosa.”
  • The Arrest of Jesus in the Olive Garden (Declared of Regional Touristic Interest); Easter/Holy Wednesday
  • The entrance of the Holy Sepulchre in St Peter´s Church in a solemn procession of the Holy Burial when a member of the Association Band of Musics calls for a minutes silence from the balcony of the church;  Good Friday.
  • The Snail manoevre (El Caracol) of the cornet and drum bands which takes place during the procession on Easter Sunday.
  • The traditional  “salir de cañas" (bar crawl) on Good Friday
  • The merienda (high tea) with the family with Easter cake on Easter Sunday