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Calasparra Fiestas

Take place from September 2 to 8 in honour of the Patron of Calasparra, Our Lady of Hope.

There are many organised events during the fiestas:

  • The Feria Taurina del Arroz, with bull fighting (Trofeo Espiga de Oro – Sprig of Gold Trophy) and the traditional Bull Runs.
  • Performances by musical groups and soloists of national recognition.
  • Festivals such as the International  Folklore, “The River of Music” or the Music Bands Festival.
  • Cultural Exhibitions with bull fighting themes.
  • Procession of Floats.
  • Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Hope.

The Bull Runs of Calasparra date back to the end of the XVI century and tradition requires that the bulls run through the streets of the town until they reach the Bull Ring, one of the most emblematic places in Calasparra. Up until 1896 the bull running took place in the main square, the Plaza de la Corredera. At the end of the  XIX century the bull ring was built. The tradition disappeared towards the end of the  XIX century for different reasons and was not restored until September 1999.


Now the bull runs take place at 10am from the Constitution Square, a distance of 900 metres from the Bull Ring, where the bull fighting takes place in the evening. The bull runs of Calasparra have proved so popular that every year thousands of people take advantage of the last days of summer to enjoy the fiestas.

The Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Hope, has been declared of Regional Touristic Interest and is held on the night of September 7. It is one of the few nocturnal pilgrimages in Spain. During the night there are different religious events, an artisans´ market and musical performances in the “River of Music” festival. The night ends with a fireworks display.

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The following day is considered the great day of Our Lady of Hope, Patron of Calasparra. On this day the Association Band of Music of Calasparra holds a traditional concert in her honour.