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Squares and Corners


The most important square in the town. Here you will find the Town Hall and it is the tradtional centre of Calasparra. It´s name comes from another time when the square was used as a trial area to exercise horses and bulls.

From 1550 to1600 it was called the Corredera de la Concepción, because it was situated on the path to the Chapel of the Conception which is today the Merced Church.
It has been remodelled on different occasions but has always kept its fountain which was built in 1785, during the reign of King Carlos III. The fountain is decorated with artistic water themes and inscriptions.

The Urban Walking Route starts here.

plazas FOTO1


This square is named after the distinguished local architect  (1935-1972), and this is why there is a replica of one of his foldable domes in pride of place.  Emiio Perez Piñero was completely dedicated to experimentation and his studies of scale models of three dimensional structures were outstanding. His complete works can be seen at the exhibition in the museum, “El Molinico”.


Located in the Convent square, it is in front of the Merced Church. It was inaugurated in June 2007 as a homage and recognition of the work of the agricultural rice farmer in Calasparra and represents the traditional sowing method.

plazas FOTO3


This is to be found in the square of the patron saints of Calasparra alongside the church of the same name. The monument marks the long historic tradition of working with esparto grass in Calasparra and represents the arduous work involved in harvesting this mediterrean plant. The sculpture was made in 2006 as a homage and recognition of the labour of the esparto workers, “esparteros,” in the area.

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In the Avda. Teniente Flomesta, the Secano Fountain (literally dry land or land irrigated by rain) was for many years a reference point for the inhabitants of Calasparra.  “The fountain and the pillar of the donkeys” (La fuente y el pilar de los burros), as it was popularly known, was a meeting place, a rendezvous spot and a place to  play. It was also a place where women filled the traditional water bottles (cántaros) for domestic use.
In March 2010, to coincide with International Women´s Day, the bronze sculptures were inaugurated. They show a woman of Calasparra with her son during the 40’s carrying her water bottle to the celebrated fountain which continues to be a place for everyone to meet and chat to this day.

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This park was inaugurated at Easter in 2003 by the Town Hall and  was specially designed for the annual reenactment of the arrest of Jesus (Prendimiento) ,in the olive garden which takes place on Holy Wednesday during Easter week: an event which has been declared of Regional Touristic Interest.

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