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logo senderosCalasparra is to be found in the centre of the river Segura basin. Surrounded by impressive mountains and by the extremities of the Campos de Cagitán (barley fields), you find yourself in the rich meadows alongside the river with its great paddy fields. They stand between the two mountain ranges, the Sierra del Puerto and the Sierra del Molino, where the transparent waters give way to the  Almadenes canyon and the pretty Bosques de Ribera (riverbank woods) which embrace the banks.

This great environmental variety, the natural spaces and the landscapes, which are all worth a mention, have allowed us to create a network of footpaths so that people can get to know and enjoy our natural and cultural patrimony.
This footpath network has incorporated bridle paths,  drover´s routes, tracks or trails and lanes which previously served more traditional purposes.

In order to enjoy the network of footpaths all we have to do is to follow a series of environmental recommendations which begin with respect for the environment. We are going to discover the town and its culture as well as a great cultural and natural bounty. It is the legacy we have received and we must pass it on in a perfect state to our descendants.

We hope you enjoy it!

1 - Urban Walking Route – Old Town and Museums

2 - Trail to the Castle and the Tunelillos (little tunnels)

3 - The Meadows Walking Route - Cañaverosa

4 - The Trails of the Esperanza ( Our Lady of Hope)

5 - Argos Trail - Cuesta Blanca

6 - Walking route of the Argos Canyon

7 - Peace Trail

8 - Walking Route - Sierra de San Miguel

9 - Ecotourístic Trail "Vega Arrocera” (Paddy fields)

10 - Geological Walking Route at the Cabezo Negro

11 - The Path of the Vera Cruz