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The town itself is at an average of 345 metres above sea level. The highest summits are: the Sierra del Molino (829 m.), the Pico de la Palera (654 m.), the Sierra de San Miguel (585m.), the Sierra del Puerto (639 m.), the Serratilla (409 m.), and the Cabezo Blanco (489 m.)

The River Segura crosses the municipal area from west to east and the smaller rivers of Argos and Quipar run into the Segura from the right. The waters of the Benamor and Moratalla join the Segura via the left bank.


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The Vega (fertile, low lying land) of the Segura, mainly dedicated to growing Calasparra rice, covers an area of 670,80 hectares, and is irrigated by the rivers and irrigation canals: Acequia de Rotas, Acequia de Berberín, Acequia de El Esparragal, Acequia del Puerto, Acequia Mayor, Acequia de la Mina, Acequia de Campillo de Manzano, Acequia de Juan Bobón, Acequia de Gil Pérez, Acequia de la Hoya Gallega, Acequia de los Campos, Acequia de Las Torrentas and Acequia del Molino. (acequia = irrigation canal)

The reservoirs of  Alfonso XIII,  Cenajo, and the Argos encircle the municipal area.